Abd Ar-razzak

Picture of Abd Ar-razzak

Date of Birth: 1413

Age: 69


Born in Herat (north-west of present-day Afghanistan). He belonged to the local aristocracy. He lived in Samarkand (the territory of modern Uzbekistan). He traveled to India from 1441 to 1444. It Was vGilyane (south-western coast of the Caspian Sea, one of the stops of modern Iran) in 1446. Since 1463, Sheikh took the throne in Gerate.Yavlyaetsya author of historical chronicles "place of sunrise two lucky stars, and the confluence of the two seas" ( "Matla-and Sedayn Islands Majma and bahrayn"). Chronicle was written by him during the period from 1467 by 1471, when he was the sheikh of Herat. It describes the events of the Mongol conquest of the world, the story of the life and conquests of Timur and Timurid history with 1304 by 1471. The Chronicle was published in translation into Uzbek A. Urunbaevym in Tashkent in 1969 godu.Kanada Ar ...