Aaron Ben Joseph Of Constantinople

Picture of Aaron Ben Joseph Of Constantinople

Date of Birth: 1260

Age: 60

Place of birth: Solkhat


He lived in his youth in Solkhat (now Stary Krym), the other years - in the city of Constantinople; was a teacher, hazzan and preacher, and was engaged in medical practice. "longed to attain the truth without prejudice," as he said himself, Aaron, he traveled a lot, got acquainted with the best scholars of his time and carefully studied not only Karaite but obscheevreyskuyu and Talmudic literature . With the nature of light and sober and armed with deep knowledge of diverse, Aaron wrote many valuable works. From the extant works of Aaron is the most remarkable book "Mivhar" ... It is an extensive commentary on the Torah. Stated compressed, but extremely elegant, refined language, writing it, considered one of the best creations of the Karaite spirit to the present day has not lost its importance and serves as a rich source for scholars on religious philosophy, exegesis, practical theology, linguistics, history, literature and medicine Karaites.