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Already on frontman Donnie Van Zant family name could have guessed that his group " 38 Special" takes the southern-rock. And indeed, at first, this dzheksonvillskaya team play straight southern boogie in the spirit of "Allman Brothers Band" and "Lynyrd Skynyrd" (the famous band ,headed by Van Zant `s brother) .

Subsequently, however, " 38 Special" found his own style, mixing AOR and blues-rock. In his finest period, the band released a series of successful albums and singles, including hits such as "Caught Up in You", "If I`d Been the One", "Back Where You Belong" and "Like No Other Night". After 80-it `s strongly pushed hordes of glam metallers and issuing a goodbye superhitovuyu ballad "Second Chance", the team moved into the second tier.

It all began in 1975, when gathered together Donnie Van Zant (vocals) , Jeff Karlis (guitar) , Don Barnes (guitar, vocals), Ken Lyons (bass) , Jack Grondin (drums) and Steve Brookins (drums) . After a couple of years dzheksonvillskaya six acquired the contract from "A & M Records" and started studio work.

38 Special first two records held by the general public, but " 38 Special" is not going to give up and started to earn popularity due to incessant touring. Before recording "Rockin` Into the Night" part left Ken Lyons, and his mestozanyal Larry Yunstrom (ex- "Lynyrd Skynyrd"). The album is more melodic than its predecessors and thus was able to climb up to the 57th line "Billboard". However, these were still florets, and the next disc "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" brought the team platinum ,and the accompanying single "Hold On Loosely" appeared in the US Top 40. The commercial success peaked in the "Special Forces". The album, which contained two hit, "Caught Up in You" and "If I`d Been the One", struck the same top ten, becoming the highest achievement " 38 Special".

However, dzheksonvilltsam had already long to bask in the glory. If the disc is "Tour De Force" is still able to overcome platinum mark, and songs like "If I`d Been The One", "Twentieth Century Fox" and "Back Where You Belong" is easily leaked into the air, then lingered on a couple of years "Strength in Numbers" could only boast of " gold".

38 Special In 1987, served in the solo work of Barnes was replaced by Danny Chauncey, andIn addition, the group lost its drummer intruding Brookings. Released in the same year the collection "Greatest Hits" has not made much of an impression on the audience, so the team tried to turn into a pure AOR with the album "Rock & Roll Strategy". The ballad "Second Chance" became the biggest hit " 38 Special",but from that moment on the band`s career it rolled downhill. The contract with "A & M" has been lost, and a couple of years, the team has remained derelict until finally he arrived at the "Charisma Records". In 1991, Barnes returned, and with it came a part of newcomers Scott Hoffman (drums) and Bobby Capps (keyboards) . Released at the same time southern-rock album "Bone Against Steel" and remained unclaimed for a long time, " 38 Special" disappeared from the big stage.

Comeback took place in 1997, when there was an album "Resolution", recorded with new drummer Gary Moffettom. intensified and concerts From this point on ,but the new studio work (on which the band returned to the traditional sound of the south) has appeared only in 2004.

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