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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Birthplace : Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Citizenship : United States


The style of this group of Omaha (Nebraska) is varied and ranges from punk to reggae ,and from funk to rap metal. The team was founded in the late 80`s Nick Hexum, Chad Sexton and Tim Mahoney to which later joined by keyboardist Ward Bones.

The first attempt to make a foray into the children of Los Angeles ended in failure, and Chad returned to Omaha, where he began jamming with bassist Aaron Wills and guitarist Jim Watson. A few months later they were joined Hexum, and the quartet played their first gig opening for "Fugazi". In 1991, Watson was replaced by Mahoney, and soon after that the team came Douglas Martinez, to complete the formation of the classical composition " 311 ".

In the early 90`s on his own label "What Have You Records" Guys have released three albums, "Dammit!", "Unity", "Hydroponic", by which became quite famous in the Midwest. However, the financial situation of the team was disappointing, and in this respect the guys bailed out the contract concluded by them with the Californian company "Capricorn Records". 311 album "Music" did not make much of an impression on the audience ,although the single "Do You Right" had time to whirl on modern- rock stations. Unsuccessful turned and accompanying tour, which burned tour avtobusso all equipment. However, the musicians did not hit hard, and repealing only one concert performances continued. By the time of exit " Grassroots " constant traveling has done for " 311 " in the normal way of life. This album just barely caught the end of the Top 200, but the success was just around the corner. The breakthrough came in 1996, a year after the appearance of the sixth album the guys from Nebraska, recorded with producer Ron Saint Germain ("Bad Brains", "Soundgarden","Tool").

"Down" hit song in heavy rotation on MTV and won first place in the "Billboard Modern Rock Chart", and another single, "All Mixed Up", located on the second line. As a result, the album went triple platinum, and which appeared the following video "Enlarged to Show Detail" debuted at number one in the "Billboards Music Video Sales Chart".311 Due to such hits like "Beautiful Disaster" and " Prisoner " drive in 1997 " Transistor " landed in the " Billboard " on the 4-position. Sami " 311 ", meanwhile, toured as headliners, and their route took place not only in the States but also in Europe, Australia and Japan. In the autumn of 1998, the band released their first live album ,as well as the EP "Omaha Session", composed of earlier material. Both releases enjoyed moderate demand, but several subsequent works always present in the top ten. In 2000, the team purchased a studio in North Hollywood (previously it was recorded Adam Ant) , which, as well as the fan club ,called "The Hive".

In 2004, " 311 " recorded "Love Song", a cover of "Cure", sounded in the movie "Fifty First Dates" and won first place in the modern- rock charts. Also this year, the band released a collection of "Greatest Hits", and November 3 (3-11) played for their fans a special five-hour concert, published subsequently on DVD. In 2005-m with the same Saint- Germain, the band released the album "Don`t Tread On Me". The disc support " 311 " had the biggest tour of my career, and then for the first time in 8 years, decided to take a vacation.

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