Picture of 2gether

Year of birth: 1999

Age: 16 years

Citizenship: United States

Mixed Race boy bands 90

The guys from 2gether team to write and perform a song,playing the famous boy band of the 1990s, such as the New Kids on the Block, `N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. On MTV released movie `2gether` (` American keksy`), plus was presented to the TV series (spin-off) `2gether: The Series`.

The unusual project 2gether invented writers Brian Gunn (Brian Gunn) and Mark Gunn (Mark Gunn),who also composed a lot of songs for the band. Each participant was selected, error status: 403error status: 403error status: 403exclusively with the collective singing, came out February 15, 2000 - th. The second release, `2gether: Again`, was presented August 29, 2000 - th. Songs from the second album sounded in the television series.The material was a comedic, satirical approach to reflecting on how to rivet pop songs. Singl `The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)` came eschedo presentation `2gether: Again`, hit 87 in the Billboard chart ` Hot 100` and lasted a few weeks in the program `Total Request Live` on MTV. Another single, `Awesum Luvr`,I never got to the charts. ..

Fictitious boy-

Band first declared itself in the film `American keksy` on MTV. Director of the film was made by Nigel Dick (Nigel Dick). It is noteworthy that up to this point channel MTV did polnometrazhek. The film was screened February 21, 2000 - th, without commercial breaks.

In the story,error status: 403Last upheld the musician Whoa get tattoo on his chest, while Bass was against.

Wishing revenge, Bass hired talented guys, so they made up Whoa, competition, and christened at the suggestion of Linus Doug as a new team 2gether. The manager then taught their children - for possible performances in Jacksonville (Jacksonville).The first act of theatrical show 2gether good passes up until Jason McKnight falls into a swoon, and he was not taken to a hospital. Replacing the lead vocalist has led to tensions between the Bass and Jerry O`Kifom. Last group throws and returns to his hometown to his girlfriend Erin, which asks for forgiveness.

Soon wander all team members,and Bass is in a quandary. Chvstvuya remorse, 2gether manager calls Jerry stumbles on an answering machine, error status: 403error status: 403error status: 403but released in Canada (Canada) and the UK (Britain).

In early November 2011 ,the remaining four participants 2gether announced that cherish the hope of uniting to perform at a concert in Los Angeles (Los Angeles). At the beginning of 2012, the MTV channel approved production mockumentary about 2gether return. It was decided to transfer most of the revenue from a future picture of the Foundation Michael Kuchchione.January 23, 2013, MTV channel officially took up the project of unification of 2gether

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