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Childhood Jeremy was extremely heavy. Parents Saunders almost never seen ; brought his many aunts and older brothers. Teenager Jeremy drug-related - they promised much more stable income than any other way of earning. Saunders some time thinking about the sports career; Alas,relatively flimsy physique put his dreams bold cross.

Easy money turned out to be riskier ; at the beginning of 2005, Jeremy was arrested for cocaine transportation. 8 months Saunders expected sentence in the county jail ; sentence he was given, by the way ,relatively mild - 2 years of house arrest and five years probation.

The first taste of success Saunders felt thanks to the composition `Dirty Foot`; Jeremy wrote it back when my high school. Distribute post boy helped his cousin, however, outside Tarpon Springs (Tarpon Springs, Florida) guys to go at that time have failed. However, at the local level results Jeremy was able to achieve good ; one day Saunders heard his work in one of the local dance clubs. After a while, Jeremy got to the stage itself ; He played all the same `Dirty Foot`. The debut was quite successful ;Saunders even more strengthened in the faith in their own strength and think seriously about the professional music lessons.

Jeremy `s debut album, `Death Before Dishonor`, released June 17, 2008 th ; on the publication of this disc has worked a number nachinayuschihi already successful producers. In addition to the title track on the disc includes songs `You Know Me feat. Ray J`, `Thats My Word feat.Trey Songz` and ` She Got It`. The album managed to climb to 32 th place in the charts `Top 200` magazine ` Billboard` and 10 th place in their own hit parade of the best R & B and hip-hop albums.

At the moment, Jeremy Saunders lives in Tampa, Florida (Tampa,error status: 403producers and rappers Tarpon Springs and the surrounding area

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2 Pistols picture
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2 Pistols image
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