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Project " 16, the Volt ," was born in 1991 on the basis of gross energy mix concepts of early punk rock club end electronics 80 and industrial chips early 90s. The founder of the group and its permanent leader was Eric Powell.In 1992 he signed his first contract with "Reconstruction Records", a division of "Cargo Records Industrial".

Shortly after the conclusion of the transaction Powell pulled his team in the Chicago studio of Al Jorgenson "Trax", and work on the first album in full swing. After three weeks, thewhen " shestnadtsativoltovyh " was ready, only half of the material, it was found that "financial battery " pretty addicted. Concerned Eric darted to find the right amount of money, but luckily for him the case was connected to David Ogilvy ("Nine Inch Nails", "Skinny Puppy"), which helped to bring the session to end.

Released at the beginning of 1993-of "Wisdom" I was expecting a warm welcome, and the composition "Motorskill" has registered for a long time on club dancefloors. Seeing a good potential " 16 Volt", the label has demanded the creation of a second album. At this time, Eric has managed with a dedicated budget more wisely, so I stayed in Portland, taking his partner Tony Lash ("Dandy Warhols").16 Volt album "Skin" is a bit rougher than the debut. Guitar parts on it was more live drums prevailed over a drum machine and vocals were pushed into the background. The release of the disk followed by an interview in razlichnyhzhurnalah and a small tour of the West Coast. In 1996, Powell again traveled to Chicago,where in collaboration with Jeff Newell ("Ministry", "Filter") set to work on the third polnometrazhki. As sessionschikov this time made by Stella Soliel, William Tucker and Mark LaKorte. Album "LetDownCrush" made his way to the very top of the charts of alternative magazine "Rolling Stone",and its output is accompanied by the first full-scale national tour " 16 Volt".

Enough to roll on US cities and villages, Eric decided it was time to attach your team on any major label. And so it happened, and " the Volt 16 " made a deal with "Slipdisc / Mercury / Polygram" in 1998. Start a new cooperation was promising - Powell singled out of two producers - Bill Kennedy ("NIN", "Megadeth", "Sepultura") and Joseph Bishara ("Drown", "Danzig"), as well as a session drummer Chris Vrenna was invited from "Nine Inch Nails".16 Volt Conjured this team has turned the most aggressive album in the discography of " shestnadtsativoltovyh ". Even before the release of

"SuperCoolNothing" began touring in support of it, but after two weeks, the firm has suspended funding for the project, and in this promotion has ended. The ensuing showdown was delayed ,and as a result of the activities of " the Volt 16 " long stalled. Resuscitation of the group took place in 2002, when Powell teamed up with his former colleagues, Mike and John Peeples Cervo. Musicians found the same investor, who helped them to buy back the rights to "SuperCoolNothing", and re-released the album as a redesigned "SuperCoolNothing V2.0".Squeezer North American tour in the company of "KMFDM", the group signed a contract with "Capitol Records". However, and this time Eric and the company had no luck, and after 11 months in the studio guys pointed to the door, explaining this act changing musical climate. It took a fair amount of time ,before Powell could not find a new roof for your project - "Cleopatra Records". Here, in 2005 he released a compilation "The Best of Sixteen Volt", and then the band began to work on an album tentatively titled "FullBlackHabit".

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