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" Music it apparent to many standing and overweight, is not that and not another, it is just like any prayer ,repeats only the right words. In other words it is not necessary "

" Prayer banjo " (

Biography Woven hand and 16 Horsepower) " Music it apparent to many standing and overweight, is not that and not another, it is just like any prayer, repeating only the right words. In other words it is not necessary. "PLAY Magazine David Eugene Edwards and Woven hand Woven hand and 16 Horsepower showed to the world so with nothing and no one is comparable to music that simply could not be overlooked, and that a group reducible hot Christian added more mysticism Team legend and the David Eugene Edwards, which is now regarded as a guru ,compete with that only by Nick Cave, singing even more bitterly about the terrible realities of this world. But where in the music born-again Christian, David Eugene so much pain and passions ? Perhaps the reason is the pain and suffering that took Jesus, dying on the cross for sinful world ? David Eugene Edwards was born in 1968 ,but I grew up in the care of his grandfather, who was a preacher, wandering in different cities of the State of Colorado, where relentlessly sowed the Word of God. Father Edwards died of alcoholism, my mother has always remained the same in God`s service. Even as Maltsev, David began to learn the basics of playing the violin and percussion, listening to religious songs as well as songs of Johnny Cash ,Hank Williams and Larry Norman. Later he became interested in AC / DC and Motorhead, thanks to the creativity that David started to learn to play the guitar. At age 14, he joined the composition of the punk band Restless Middle Class, as already was a fan of creativity iconic punk bands Black Flag and Joy Division. Later David left to play in the team Pavilion Steps,as part of which he took part in the recording of the album semipesennogo Snow Songs in May of 1985. When the composition of the group has changed, guys renamed in Bloodflower, and under the new name was written release Come, Faithful and True in 1987. As the grandfather of David attended Nazarene churchwhich in those years it was conservative in relation to almost everything, Edwards decided to go to the Baptists. In seventeen years after his marriage, he and his wife moved to Denver (Colorado) , where he began to attend the interdenominational Protestant church. In 1988, Edwards joined the group composition Denver Gentlemen,in which he played together with his good friend Jeffrey - Paul Norlenderom. In 1990, he moved to Los Angeles, David met with Jean -Yves Tola and Pascal Humbert, who played in the group Passion Fodder. After making music together in 1992, the band released mu Horsepower project, later renamed 16 Horsepower. The band`s name was taken from the song, which was sung about a man whose wife died, and he needed to harness all their horses to carry the coffin. And, although Jean-Yves completely progruz to work in the new group, his colleague Pascal did not hurry with the choice, and for the most part remained a permanent member of Passion Fodder. In 1994-16 m H P recorded semidyuymovnik Shametown, and in 1995 released their debut EP - 16 Horsepower. The album Sackcloth `N` Ashes, released in 1996, was a great success in the Netherlands and on the basis of OOR magazine got to the 4th position of the best albums of the year. Pascal Humbert, who had never thought 16 HP serious project for themselves, finally ,donkey in the group on regular basis because of a disagreement composition 16 HP left the former bass guitarist Kevin Soll. Due to the fact that in America drives 16 Horsepower had no success, a record deal with A & M was stopped and the group moved to a small label Razor & Tie and European Glitterhouse. In 1997 came the album Low Estate,which by the end of the same OOR I got on the 9th place of the best albums of 1997. Important role in popularizing 16 H P in Scandinavia was the fact that the group has performed in Norway, opening for Bob Dylan, whose creative work for many years was inspired by David Eugene. The greatest influence on the work of David was not only Bob Dylan ,and Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Christian singer and worship Andre Croce (Andrae Crouch). In 2000, he published the album Secret South, which the band recorded their own, and later live album comes out hoarse, and then gruppaotpravlyaetsya on tour in the UK. The recording of the album Secret South participated daughter Edwards - Edwards Asher ,which played during recording several lots on the violin. In 2001, the US declared an independent magazine Westword Release Secret South - " Album of the Year." Meanwhile, Pascal Humbert launched his solo project and recorded an album Lilium Transmission Of All The Good-Byes. In 2002, David Eugene launches his solo project Woven Hand,Folklore simultaneously participating in the recording of the album to 16 HP on Jetset Records label. Woven Hand in Europe are taking a bang and Edwards are invited to Brussels write music for Ultima Vez - modern ballet productions. After recording Ultima Vez Edwards was invited to tour France, Vienna, Brussels and several other cities, soEdwards played about ten full concerts live for Ultima Vez. Later, this record was released in the States on the label Soundsfamilyre and was named Blush Music, rightly ignoring Evardsa first album under the project Woven Hand. Hubert and Tola joined forces and started recording the album Short Stories for the Lilium,as well as the last album released 16 H orsepower - Olden, which is a collection of previously unreleased songs and recorded 16 HP period 1993-1994. Relentless David Eugene was invited to play the role of a musician in the movie Andre Douglas Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus, which performs two songs Phyllis Ann and Wayfaring Stranger. In the spring of 2004-of 16 Horsepower go on a tour across the United States, followed by Woven Hand, led by Edwards sent to Scandinavia, where give concerts with Sufyan Stevens (Sufjan Stevens). Prior to that, Edwards successfully toured the US and Europe with Morphine, MakGavanom Shane (Shane MacGowan) and Nick Cave, which the critics love it so compare. In 2005-16 m Horsepower announce decay, after which the group officially split into projects Lilium and Woven Hand. Jean-Yves Tola, along with his wife begins her private business related to horse breeding, and Pascal moved with his wife to his ranch. In 2005-m Edwards participates as a composer in the next staging of the ballet group Ultima Vez - Puur. In 2006, the ever- changing composition of Woven Hand joins Pascal Humbert, and the beginning of December Woven Hand are sent to Moscow, where he gives a concert in the famous club " at Brest. " David had long wanted to visit Russia ,because he told me he had it a lot of his wife, whose family immigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States shortly before in the Torah world. David Eugene discs is very rare to find in Christian bookstores, Christian since many companies do not undertake to distribute them ,because they do not always agree with the categorical judgments and philosophy Edwards reflected in each of his songs. But if his spirit and direct texts relating to the hearts of any audience, whether it makes sense to come to Edwards in the Christian market? No. He in his work has always been on the side of Christ, putting the name of the Lord above all else.

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