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Group "13th floor elevators" was formed in Austin (Texas) in 1965. Tommy Hall (b. September 21, 1943) , a student of the philosophical and psychological separation of the University of Texas in his spare time engaged in playing the. .. beer mugs in a small folk band.

Tommy fond of psychedelic ,zamorochennye wrote lyrics and experimented with his " tool." By placing the cup in front of a microphone, he achieved an interesting sound. Once, Hall met with the guys from the quartet "Lingsmen" and after some time became a member of this group.

The other band members were Stacey Syuzerlend (guitar) , Benny Thurman (bass) John Ake Walton (udarnyye) E Rocky Erickson (Roger Erkinard Erickson. 15 iyulya 1947 ; Vocals) . Po pryedlojyeniyu Klyemyentiny, jyeny Uolla, staromodnoye nazvaniye "Lingsmen" smyenili na bolyeye " prodvinutoye " - " 13th floor Elevators ". C pomoshiyu prodyusyera Lyelana Rodjyersa (brata kantri-Star Kenny Rogers) , the group signed a contract with the Houston label "International artists".

13th floor studio elevatorsPervoy attempt to "13th floor elevators" was the song "You`re gonna miss me", written by Erickson when he was still playing in "The Spades". The members of the new team to give this thing lacking enthusiasm,beer mugs and Hall added a mystical touch. As a result, "You`re gonna miss me" rose in the American charts at 56th place. In August 1966 they released their debut album, "The psychedelic sounds of the 13th floor elevators". Consistent with the name plate contained a really psychedelic stuff like "Roller Coaster", "Kingdom of Heaven","Reverberation (Doubt)" and " the Splash 1 ".

The writing of these songs was not without the help of drugs, and this fact strongly disliked conservative Texan authorities. Musicians has been repeatedly arrested and concerts "13th floor elevators" were held under the supervision of the state police. These problemsas well as internal strife led to the departure Terman and Walton. Drums went to Danny Thomas and Ronnie got basuha Lezermanu, which soon gave way to her Danny Galindo.

13th floor elevatorsV this configuration, the team recorded their second album, maintain the quality of the debut work. The most noticeable on the "Easter everywhere" were eight- poem "Slip inside this house" and a cover of Bob Dylan`s "Baby blue". Meanwhile, problems with the police continued, and eventually led to the disintegration of the group. Once Erickson discovered a quantity of drugs, which in Texas law punishable by a 20 -year imprisonment. On the advice of an attorney Rocky became crazy and pretend as a result of " escaped " three years spent in a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, the team has lost its leader, quickly began to disintegrate.

"International artists" released a bad album "Live" in January of 1968, consisted in reality of studio recordings ,superimposed accompanied by applause. And in December of the same year he came last record under the name "13th floor elevators", written for the most part one Sutherland. After the release from the hospital, Rocky attempts reunions, but enmity Erickson and Hall prevented them, and the death of Sutherland, who was shot in 1978 by his wife ,I put the final point in the band`s history.

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