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BiographyBBC DJ John Peel liked the song "My Mother The War" with this record, and he made it into the top 50 songs of 1983.

The composition of this American band first entered vocalist Natalie Merchant (born October 26, 1963, in Jamestown, USA.) , Robert Buck (born in 1958, at 19 December 2000 ;.. Guitar), John Lombardo (guitar) Dennis Drew (keyboards) and Steven Gustafson (bass) . Merchant, Buck, Gustafson and Drew started playing together in 1981, speaking in his native Jamestown under the guise of "Still life". When they were joined Lombardo name was changed to "10000 maniacs", borrowed from a horror movie `60s " 2000 maniacs",slightly exaggerated the number of maniacs. At first, the guys specialized in the design of covers of bands like "Joy division" and the "Gang of four", but then turned to folk and world music.

In 1982, the " freaks " released their first EP- Schnick "Human Conflict Number Five".Thereafter, the composition was beefed up drummer Jerome Augustyniak, who has already participated in the sessions of the debut album, "Secrets Of The I Ching

BBC DJ John Peel liked the song "My Mother The War" with this record, and he made it into the top 50 songs of 1983. Concluded in 1985-m contract with "Elektra Records" and successfully swept across England, the band recorded the next album, "The Wishing Chair", with producer Joe Boyd. Tired of intense touring followed in 1986 by a group of left Lombardo. At the same time the team changed and producer. Now they became Peter Asher ,which is not bad and bother disc "In My Tribe" broke into the US Top 40, th 1987 received a "gold", and the following year ogreb " platinum ".

The next release, "Blind Man`s Zoo", also had good success, and received gold status and hitting the best American twenty.After its release, " 10000 maniacs " from June to December, toured with concerts, consolidating its position.

But as always, success should be alternated with setbacks. In September 1993, Natalie Merchant announced its intention to leave the band to pursue a solo career. The rest of the team after a while was able to enjoy the success of the composition "Because The Night" - cover songs by Patti Smith, taken from the album "MTV unplugged". This song recorded since Merchant and published the single reached the eleventh place in the US charts. " Maniacs 10000 " did not want to give up just like that and called to his back Lombardoand he in turn gave her friend Mary Ramsey (vocals, violin), with which he performed the last time under the guise of "John And Mary". In this part of " freaks " recorded a couple of nice, but few have seen folk- rock albums.

In December 2000, he died from liver disease Robert Buckauthor of many songs, and in particular such hits like "Hey Jack Kerouac", "What`s The Matter Here?" and "These Are Days". The rest of the team members dispersed to other projects only once gathered in 2001 for a joint concert.

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